BAM Infra Nederland

Building a sustainable tomorrow

BAM Infra is the number one partner for infrastructural connections in the Netherlands. We offer innovative solutions and we do this in our own, distinctive manner. Solutions that are just a bit different. Just a bit smarter. And always safe and sustainable. That is what we stand for. That is our goal.

And we have the people to do this with. People with knowledge and experience, gained from past projects. Many of them impressive infrastructure projects that contribute to our customers' ambitions. From roundabouts and traffic tunnels, to bicycle bridges and multi-storey car parks. From sea locks and dike improvements to doubling railway tracks and constructing rush-hour lanes. And from drinking water mains to super-fast fibre optic connections.

Projects that we are proud of together. And that we look back on with great satisfaction.But we do not dwell on them for too long. Because we much prefer to look forward together with our clients. Towards the future. The future of towns and cities. Provinces, water authorities, national networks, ports and airports. The future of the Netherlands.

BAM Infra shapes that future. How will urbanisation & mobility develop in the future? How do we handle energy transition? And how can we keep the infrastructure efficient and available? For instance, hyperloop technology will enable us to travel between cities in a matter of minutes, and we will store our self-generated energy instead of supplying it back to the grid. Digitisation is also giving us real-time information and direct control, enabling us to guarantee and improve performance.

Those kind of questions. Those kind of developments. Those kind of opportunities. We enjoy thinking about this. And we are really happy to assist others in this respect. By sharing knowledge and experience with each other. With the ultimate goal of connecting for the future.